See What Hairstyle Is The Best For You According To Your Face Shape


If you have never chosen a hairstyle based on the shape of your face, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Wait, is not everyone’s head essentially a circle? Apparently, this is just one of the many ways a human head can have! Yes, it can even be rectangular or triangular. As these shapes usually have shades, their shape can be difficult to understand. But luckily, there is something.

Philippe Barr, creative director of the Frederic Fekkai show in Palm Beach, Florida, told Allure to remove his hair so that “the outline of his face is completely visible.” You can even go beyond and trace the outline of your face in a mirror. Just be sure to use a washable product, such as lipstick. By determining the widest part of your face, the shape of your jaw and the total length of your face, you will quickly discover the shape of your face.

Now you can choose a hairstyle that basically guarantees that you fit perfectly. Here are some options.