Your brain is perhaps the most important organ of your body. Of course, there are many others you can not live with, but the brain controls them all. And not only is your heart pounding and your lungs breathing all the time, but also the deposit of everything that hurts you. All your thoughts, feelings and memories come from or reside in the brain.

Obviously, it is important to keep this vital organ happy and healthy. Good nutrition can mean the difference between a clear head with a sense of purpose and a foggy head with a sense of hopelessness. A lifestyle habit, healthy eating also decreases the rate of cognitive decline associated with aging and reduces the risk of developing dementia.

On the other hand, there are foods that are the worst for your brain. Spoil yourself too often and you may experience confusion, bad mood and slower reaction time. In a vicious circle, a depressed brain has little ability to make the right decisions to improve.

If you know that you have bad habits, it’s time to start reducing it. Your brain will not enjoy a massive dietary exam at the same time, and even if you know it’s the right choice, you’ll have a hard time maintaining it. Instead, eliminate one by one the following 7 elements of your diet, making a gradual change that will protect the health of your brain in the long run. The easiest way to stop smoking is probably number #7.